Property Investors


We at Tax Matters can advise on all aspects of tax relating to properties, ensuring that you make the most of the opportunities available.

  • Carry out a review of current net asset situation


  • Identify areas of risk ... Review risk profile and appetite


  • Discuss your goals – investment & life


  • Determine whether it is time to use complex structures e.g. trusts


  • Advice on structuring investments in property shares business and other assets

Tax laws become a little complex when you’re deemed a property investor so therefore, we need to ensure you’re purchases are under the guidance of professional advice. We can help with structure around trusts or companies and the various compliance issues involved with tax returns


Establishing Your Portfolio

Adding to Your Portfolio

Protecting Your Property

At the time of establishing your Christchurch property portfolio, it’s a good time to discuss the structure of your entities and how you can make property investing and accounting work for you.


Key points to consider are:


  • Restructuring and possible tax benefits.


  • Risk profiling to ensure you’re in total control of your investments.


  • Funding capabilities enabling you to make educated buying decisions.


  • Safeguarding your investments.


  • Tax obligations.


  • What will the structure cost.


  • What are my tax liabilities likely to be