It's understandable that businesses, despite not having done anything wrong, at times go through rough patches and at this time, this is the crucial juncture when relevant, professional advice and guidance need to be sought.

The main facet to our company,  Tax Matters, is to provide core solutions in the form of the best practical advice and other available resources to such companies going through difficult times recovering from their dilemma and keeping the business afloat.


The main problem is often due to financial burdens and constraints arising, thereby forcing the focus to stray from long-term, strategic objectives and centre instead on pressing cash flow concerns for the short-term.


Being the owner of Tax Matters, Brenton, amongst our various other financial specialists in our company gives you his full assurance that our company is robust and skilled to provide assistance to business owners and top level management. 


The specialised services we provide in our Change Management are: 


  • Conducting a full review of your business to evaluate and determine what is working and, more importantly, what is not.

  • Ensuring long-term sustainability of the business by providing recommendations for the main areas. 

  • Assisting you in the areas of restructuring your debts and new lending.

  • Being actively involved in important discussions with your creditors and main suppliers.  

  • To plan, implement and execute the effective turnaround of your business. 

  • Providing assistance in the whole process of preparing the business for sale. 

  • To assist in the disposal and sale of your business and the assets.

  • Services in the event of Insolvency. 

Often, in order to get the best out of the situation, it is most practical to opt for a formal insolvency so that the full value of the assets is maximised.When this situation cannot be avoided, our company is highly experienced in managing the shortfall of creditors to ensure that the new owners of the business will not be adversely affected by past business practices. 



The services we offer in Insolvency are:



  • Liquidation (by Appointment of Court or Appointment by Shareholder)


  • Liquidation in the interim


  • Receivership


  • Furnishing of Investigative Reports ( for banks, funders, main creditors of shareholders etc. ) 


  • Forensic Accounting


  • Creditors’ Comprise / Arrangement of Debts (personal or company capacity)


  • Voluntary Administrations


  • Advice on all matters pertaining to Insolvency 


  • Issues pertaining to PPSR